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Cleopatra is a new type of esthetic treatment that combines several clinically proven technologies to create a unique protocol. The sequence of treatment modalities has been carefully selected and developed to create synergies that work effectively on a variety of skin conditions and Aging Skin.
The key to Cleopatra’s amazing result lies in our unique Bio-Active serums developed using the latest in ingredient technology and discoveries. Combined with the various treatments offered by Cleopatra, your skin will transform into your Best Skin Ever!
CLEOPATRA is safe and effective for all skin types and can substantially improve many skin conditions. Our advanced bio-active serums delivered to the skin throughout the treatments have been developed to address all your skin concerns.


This closed circuit vacuum treatment provides even exfoliation of dead skin cells while infusing condition specific serums helping to improve the appearance of any skin concern. The closed-circuit vacuum flushes out all debris, impurities leaving skin refreshed and deeply hydrated.


Nano-needles inside a sealed treatment head roll over the skin to create micro-channels for maximum absorption of your chosen serum, rejuvenating the surface of the skin and stimulating long-term improvement in overall skin health.

Cleo Current

The latest in esthetic technology, CleoCurrent uses gentle micro amps to mimic the body’s natural electrical current, helping to hydrate, lift, tone, and re-educate facial muscles, returning your skin to its youthful look.

LED Light

3 different colors are available to obtain the ideal treatment for your skin concerns. LED light stimulates cellular responses, reducing redness and inflammation, giving you Fresh, Firm, and Radiant Skin.


CLEOPATRA How does it work?

1- Detoxify Targeted Lymphatic Drainage Cupping Therapy cleanses and removes toxins to achieve brighter, healthier skin.
2- Exfoliate and Evacuate Exfoliation, Evacuation and Infusion of Advanced Bio-Active Serums via Vacuum Assisted Dermal Abrasion.
3- Infuse Infusion of Advanced Bio-Active Serums through Micro-channeling with Vacuum-Assisted Infusion.
4- Re-Educate Low-level Microamps relax overused facial muscles and stimulate underused ones for an effective, non-invasive “Facelift.”
5- LED Therapy Bio-Stimulation, Anti-Inflammation, Anti-Bacterial Action, Skin Tightening, Skin Brightening, through LED Light Therapy.